Development kit to solve complex privacy and encryption problems. 

ERUCES Tricryption sdk is a set of development tools that empowers you to create secure applications by incorporating industry standard encryption and our key management features.

Tricryption sdk provides system architects and developers with a flexible means to solve and deploy a standardized, interoperable key management solution that can scale with an application's needs.

Tricryption sdk is a highly productive framework for building and maintaining encryption and key management features inside applications.

Each Tricryption sdk includes a development license of Tricryption kS and appServer Agent, header files, libraries, samples, documentation and tools.


Language Support

• Java®
• C
• C++
• Microsoft® .NET / C#



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Multi-tier or Client Server Data Driven Development

• Build new or modernize existing database driven applications with integrated encryption and key management lifecycles.

Broad Development Language Support

• C++, C, Java® J2SE, Java J2EE, and .NET

Infrastructure and Application Framework Compatibility

• Integrate with authentication and authorization, increase performance with connection pooling, etc.

Protect all Big Data Flows

• Create secure map and reduce readers and writers and secure analytics tools.

Administration API

• Administration API access allows for complete application customization and access to all features of Tricryption kS.

Policy Driven Development Support

• Utilize a single policy file for entire applications.