Maintenance & Support

ERUCES provides a tiered support model providing the highest level of customized service for all our products and technologies. With benefits like call-center access, minimal response time, account management, dedicated support, and training offerings, Signature Select Service is designed to help your entire secured enterprise run efficiently and productively. All services are provided either by ERUCES personnel our by our trained and certified partners and can support whatever access restrictions to your site as required.

Signature Select Service

Whether you're a small business or a global enterprise, your technology infrastructure and its security is the backbone of your business or mission. With ERUCES Signature Select Service, you can be sure it's secure, optimized and continually available. The Signature Select Service tiered model allows you to choose the level that's right for you—from occasional telephone support to dedicated support engineers who bring full-time support, knowledge and expertise to your organization for critical or highly customized solutions.

Signature Select Program Terms

Access defines the business hours in which ERUCES is committed to address your networking problems.

Maximum Response Times
When you select the maximum response time necessary for your business, factor in how long your business can (or cannot) wait for an expert's help with your technical issue.

Service Account Management
Personalized account management has proven to be one of the most valued features of Signature Select Service. Your Service Account Manager (SAM) is your advocate within ERUCES, developing a close working relationship with your business to gain an in-depth knowledge of your technical support needs. Even without the SAM, our call center will route your account management inquiry to a service staff member and we will respond quickly.

Constant Update Program: Version & Software Patches
All support levels come with our ‘Constant Update’ Program. This program includes update software versions within a release (example: Tricryption 6.1 to 6.2). Upgrades to new releases are an optional element of any support contract as required. In addition, the program includes the ability to download and install both specific and general patches to the software ensuring that your system not only reflects the changes you need but is reflective of all changes and improvements.

More Information:

Please contact us for full program details. Each customer’s needs are unique and our support and service options are tailored to your needs.